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  • Slot Machine FAQ

    Some of the more frequently asked questions in the slot machine world - and some possible answers to these questions. PLEASE NOTE - These are my own thoughts and feelings on each specific question. My answers are not necessarily accurate, I don't claim to be an expert and I refuse to be held liable in the event that my answers and suggestions cause someone to ignore their own common sense in a given situation.

    Slot Machine Terms
    Get useful explanations and definitions for most of the common slot terms and slang. When I just started out, it was pretty easy for me to catch on to what a lot of the terminology, because most of it is common sense anyway. Just in case though, I've outlined most of the more important ones for you my fellow slot fanatics.

    Slot Machine Secrets
    Well, they're not big state secrets but a lot of my slot secrets here are just tidbits to help keep you alert. So for example, Slot Secret # 8 is one that I really live by every time I hit the casinos - IT'S PURE LUCK. Regardless of what anyone says, playing slots is always luck so forget all the ramble about strategy and such.

    Slot Machine Myths
    These are my take on the top 10 most common slot machine myths. Slot myths, like any other myths have become pretty common simply because (a) people like to believe that "certain things" will help them to do better and win more and (b) some purely coincidental happening has made an impression on someone, who in turn has decided to "pass on this knowledge".